Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Planet Energy. Audit Energy_Boiler

Planet Energy. Energy Audit Program for Boiler Operation evaluation.

Audit Objectives:
- To Evaluate / assess Boiler operation effectiveness, efficiency.
- To recommend a corrective action(s) needed for a better operation and performance.

Planet Energy Audit Steps. Step I. Data Collection, Analysis.
The main objective of this step is to make sure whether its operation is effective, efficient by evaluating data had been collected.

Data collection should, at least, includes:
- Steam consumption trend (1 - 3 years).
- Steam standard consumption, include benchmark, baseline.
- Steam production trend (1 - 3 years).
- Trend of Coal Consumption (1 - 3 years).

Analise, evaluate data collected to assess performance to make sure whether its operation(s) is under control. If it's found that its operation is inefficient, then calculate how much is its value ($ or Rp).

Planet Energy Audit Steps. Step II. The next step is conducting sites inspection.

The main objective of this energy audit step is to see at a glance whether there is something wrong in its Boiler operation, steam distribution, and coal / material management. Result of these inspections are used as an initial input to decide the next audit process.

In steam distribution inspection, make sure if such an inspection process is quite sufficient in order to find any inefficiency may occur caused by steam leakages or bleeds, expelled condensates water, bad installation (supply chain) , and inaccurate process of works.

In Boiler operation, inspections should include input-process-output.
- Input: Material/coal, fresh water, condensate, air supply, electric.
- Process: Water Blow-down manually / Automatic operation? Material supply.
- Output: The temperature of ambiance, Boiler/machine, Water Intake, the color of ash and smoke.

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